Hospitals and Institutions

Custom Bath Remodeling can help your hospital or large scale institution meet their unique bathroom remodeling needs by installing new acrylic bathtubs and shower enclosures that are sturdy and safe. We understand that you cannot have your facility out of commission and that every minute counts, so we complete bathroom remodels quickly and professionally.

If you’re trying to find outwhere to buy hotel tub liners,you’ve come to the right place. Custom Bath Liners is a premier bathtub liner installer that will help you transform baths and showers in a matter of hours and eliminate lost revenue from room downtime.

  • Our durable, custom tub liners and shower enclosures fit perfectly over your existing baths or showers and last a life time
  • We do not use chemicals with strong toxic fumes like other bathtub refinishing techniques
  • Our warranty covers materials and labor
  • Volume pricing is available
  • We offer custom shapes and sizes to fit your needs

With more than 20 years of remodeling experience, Custom Bath Remodeling provides a reliable and durable bathroom remodeling solution that will fit your hospital perfectly. Not only can you be sure you’re getting top-quality materials when you choose Custom Bath Remodeling, but you can also be sure that your bathtub or shower is installed correctly the first time.