Networking Essentials

Designed to introduce the core networking concepts by explaining the purpose of networking and then examines how networks are configured in homes, offices, between offices, and around the world with the Internet. This includes a review of network topologies, physical networking, and network protocols.


Computer Basics

Acquired Skills:

At the end of this course the student will have acquired the basic and advanced concepts of Data Communication & Networks

Curriculum Material:

The language and teaching techniques are geared to the course's final use. It includes explanatory exercises

Course Topics:

  • Command Prompt
  • LANs, WANs and the Internet
  • Wireless and wired Networks
  • Network Protocols
  • TCP/IP
  • IP address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Routers and Switches
  • Ports
  • Port Forwarding
  • DNS
  • Static and Dynamic IP
  • DHCP

Certificate of Completion

At the end of the course the student will receive our certificate of completion for this training.